Thursday, September 29, 2005

Katrina Blows.

As it is I was spared 3 weeks of hell because my supervisor called me at 1100 on Sunday 28 Aug, to tell me to get out of town! To my fortune, I got to spend 3 wonderful weeks with my spouse in Sarasota. And the weather was wonderful. But we watched as the torment unfolded.

I was recalled to duty and now the whole world here has changed. Luckily I had no major damage or losses. I am now spending some time with recovery efforts to help our community recover. Here I am in D'Iberville Missisippi where we did some debris recovery. Also shown is the "Lucky F", grounded about a half mile from the waters edge on the back bay.

..Oh and the Uke is fine, but my callouses need to some work. So I do what I can...