Thursday, July 14, 2005


In a stunning development, my submission on WCS for the Space Shuttle was graciously accepted by the good folks at BoingBoing. Nice one! Glad to participate in a forum that never ceases to entertain and inform me.

-in other developments:

The 74 VW bug has finally received its new paint. Stock Artic Blue. Looks sweet and respectable.

I had the unmittigatted audacity to purchase from one Roy T. Cone, of Texas, septigenarian, one Ukulele, case and gear. I have ventured upon realizing a life long aspiration to at least carry a tune in some way shape or form on some musical instrument. The dramatic support on the internet will no doubt be a great boost for this effort. I hope to regail the Mrs. with some old 20th century favorite serenades and kickers very soon. Of course this implies dedication and discipline. But to be true, as a desperately needed venue for the excercise of my freedom, which I oh so sorely need, it is tonic to my soul. Havent felt so glad or hopeful in months.

and the Hurricanes keep coming. High Hurc season now, and we anticipate some armageddon or such within the year. The price we pay for wanting Gulf Coastal accomadations.

Stay tuned webofiles.....