Tuesday, July 28, 2009

oh my, 3 years gone already???

well, the most amazing 3 years to be sure.

sign my name RT(R)...

we have a daughter, Simone Emily...

and the world still spins...

albeit, i am not at it center, nor never will be

Friday, February 17, 2006

Today I am officially retiring from the USAF. This is a special day. Unfortunately my family cannot be present, but they are as always with me in spirit. For the last 20 years i have defended the Constitution and been an Airman in a great and noble service. While there have been times where my pride was hurt, and i had serious quandries about my service, all in all i am glad my service has been deemed honorable. In a small private ceremony i have been formally relieved of duty, but now that i put down the sword of national defefence i can turn to see that my way into the future is lit with the torch of liberty; that glorious light that has guided my way throughout my military career, and shows me and my fellow citizens ever onward toward a brighter future. My privlidge to serve, my thanks to St. Joan d' Arc for watching over me . Per ardua et astra!~

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Katrina Blows.

As it is I was spared 3 weeks of hell because my supervisor called me at 1100 on Sunday 28 Aug, to tell me to get out of town! To my fortune, I got to spend 3 wonderful weeks with my spouse in Sarasota. And the weather was wonderful. But we watched as the torment unfolded.

I was recalled to duty and now the whole world here has changed. Luckily I had no major damage or losses. I am now spending some time with recovery efforts to help our community recover. Here I am in D'Iberville Missisippi where we did some debris recovery. Also shown is the "Lucky F", grounded about a half mile from the waters edge on the back bay.

..Oh and the Uke is fine, but my callouses need to some work. So I do what I can...


Monday, August 15, 2005

and so. A case to be made for mr. CW. I am on board...

on a lighter note...

I have taken up the soprano ukulele. It is wonderful! I hope to suprise the Mrs. with serenade and serendipty. It will carry with me to the apocalypse and beyond. I luckily have the crystal ball to help me become self taught. My prospects are good with steady improvements and 1 hour+ daily practice. (or as my friend John "Greg" King would say, practizin")

Thursday, July 14, 2005


In a stunning development, my submission on WCS for the Space Shuttle was graciously accepted by the good folks at BoingBoing. Nice one! Glad to participate in a forum that never ceases to entertain and inform me.

-in other developments:

The 74 VW bug has finally received its new paint. Stock Artic Blue. Looks sweet and respectable.

I had the unmittigatted audacity to purchase from one Roy T. Cone, of Texas, septigenarian, one Ukulele, case and gear. I have ventured upon realizing a life long aspiration to at least carry a tune in some way shape or form on some musical instrument. The dramatic support on the internet will no doubt be a great boost for this effort. I hope to regail the Mrs. with some old 20th century favorite serenades and kickers very soon. Of course this implies dedication and discipline. But to be true, as a desperately needed venue for the excercise of my freedom, which I oh so sorely need, it is tonic to my soul. Havent felt so glad or hopeful in months.

and the Hurricanes keep coming. High Hurc season now, and we anticipate some armageddon or such within the year. The price we pay for wanting Gulf Coastal accomadations.

Stay tuned webofiles.....

Friday, January 07, 2005

la la la la la
a new year and new attitude from most. the treks to and from sarasota are becoming tedious.
and the mrs. needs help. so it is up to me to find some. oh worra worra worra. but she insists that being the best we should surmount any and all difficultlies. (provided her anger doesnt get the best of her.)
without a doubt i forsee challenges throughout the coming year. and well aint that just peachy!

without vigilance its just tea and naptime....

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

ok. some girl in Hell AK with issues galore, conspires and suceeds in offing her mom.
my take is, sucess is as sucess does. but as we all know when we achieve a sucess, we find that newton was right.

and whats left? i forsee a blank stare in a cool metal cage. and a book deal that no one will honor.

meanwhile, here comes xmas. once again the battle for the planet is justified by the "capitol ex machina" and devours yet again the will and resources. oh the january debt hangover....

and lastly... without the thrill of millions i am naught but a conduit of starlight